Don’t Sweep Jesus Into Your Story

Mathew B. Sims | May 11, 2016

I sat across the table from him frustrated. We were meeting weekly, but it didn’t seem like he was getting it. I was sharing all I knew, yet none of it clicked. I kept waiting for the spark in his eyes, that light that would let me know he was as excited about doctrine as I was. It never came.

I was a young and inexperienced discipler. My idea of discipleship was flinging mud against the wall. I’d dumptruck as much information as possible on this guy and cross my fingers, hoping the Holy Spirit would mature him. Thankfully the Spirit works despite our ill-conceived efforts, but we should still pursue a better way.

As Michael Horton observes in his new book, Core Christianity: Finding Yourself in God’s Story, “We study things we care about” (15). If that’s true about our hobbies and work, it’s even more true about what we believe and how we disciple. In the end, Core Christianity will expand your love for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Four Ds 

Horton starts with four Ds—drama, doctrine, doxology, and discipleship (17)—all of which are knit together by Christ. Every drama points to him; doctrine is about him; doxology ends in praising him; and discipleship…

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