Don Carson on the Need for Word-Filled Women’s Ministry

D. A. Carson | July 22, 2015

Of the various components that make up the ministry of The Gospel Coalition, one of the most vibrant is the National Women’s Conference. This has served, among other things, to bring together a remarkable group of women who have studied Scripture and shared their experiences and then branched out into a growing list of shared projects. Not a few of these have been tied to writing and publishing.

In Word-Filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church [download excerpt], 10 of these women attractively encourage a broad range of ministries—ministries that are grounded in Scripture but that never forget there are real people out there. The title and subtitle hold up their twin foci: Word-filled ministry and the centrality of the local church.

But what is most attractive about these essays is that they are wonderfully outward-looking. They are thoughtful, but there is no trace of the kind of introspection that is essentially self-consuming. Out of both biblical conviction and years of experience, these women think seriously about discipleship, evangelism, inter-generational mentoring, and compassion. Their strength is evident; their commitment to Scripture robust; their joy in the gospel intoxicating; their anticipation of the consummation providing a lodestar…

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