Dope Church

| January 22, 2015

There are 60-some beds at the Kings Motor Inn, but it doesn’t seem like our friends find much rest here. People bounce from room to room, cars come and go, kids play in the parking lot. Everyone looking to escape, to feel some peace, but nobody really finding it.

Out in the parking lot we’re having a good time cooking hot dogs. Friends from all around our city of Fife, Washington, make their way to eat with us and catch up on life. I look over and see Raquel and Laura praying with Ashley. Her bag was stolen while she was at the casino last night. Her “boyfriend” walks across the parking lot and stands nearby, listening in. Ashley’s demeanor changes noticeably.

I hear a big laugh and turn around to see Tom piling up an ungodly amount of toppings on his two hot dogs. It’s spilling out all over his hands, but he doesn’t care. Steve asks Tom how he’s doing, and he mumbles something unintelligible as he walks back to his room, grinning. He returns later, to share his struggles with the men at the grill. Brothers encouraging each other. Tom left with a grin on his face.

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