Dreams Deferred and No Regrets

Gaye Clark | June 14, 2016

I didn’t grow up thinking I’d be a nurse. I wanted to write bestselling novels that changed people’s lives and made me lots of money—so I could give the money away, of course.

But when it came time to declare a college major, I chickened out on chasing the dream. Did I have what it took to be a journalist, a novelist, or any kind of writing-ist? Uncertain and too scared to find out, I opted for nursing school, thinking it would be a safer option.

My lifetime stint at second-choice nursing turned out okay, though it was anything but safe

But what of a dream deferred? I kept my writing wishes a secret for 25 years. Then one day my husband and I started talking theology—God’s sovereignty, to be specific.

“God wastes nothing—even our mistakes and regrets,” Jim said. He looked at me and could tell the neurons in my head were firing rapidly. I felt like a 4-year-old as I confessed, “I really wanted to be a writer.”

His blue eyes sparkled. “Well, it’s not too late, is it?” He smiled, reached for his mechanical pencil and a small notebook. “You’ll need some goals.”

Slow, Hard Beginnings


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