Editor’s Choice: The Best of 2014

| December 16, 2014

Next year The Gospel Coalition turns 10 years old, and our staff has begun sifting through old notes and videos compiled since our Council first met on May 17, 2005. That first meeting kicked off with Tim Keller teaching from Luke 5:12-13 as he talked about the need for evangelical leaders who would be critical of their culture and yet creative in communicating the gospel to it. Don Carson offered a history of evangelicalism since World War II that observed the relative strengths of today's church, especially with regard to publishing. But he also indentified race relations, homosexuality, and polarization as weaknesses Christians must band together to address with a prophetic voice centered on the gospel. 

Anyone who follows our site regularly knows we're still grappling with many of the same challenges. But I'm encouraged while reflecting on 2014 as I consider the many doors God has opened for The Gospel Coalition to resource and equip church leaders around the world. Under the leadership of executive director Ben Peays, we overhauled our website and continue to improve areas such as our resource database so you can easily browse TGC conference messages and sermons from our Council members, among others. That…

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