Editor’s Choice: The Best of 2015

Collin Hansen | December 29, 2015

In the Bible, the best of times often coincide with the worst of times. Consider the Book of Ruth. This beautiful story reveals the remarkable lineage of King David and ultimately Jesus Christ himself. God redeems one woman’s grief in his centuries-long plan of salvation for Israel and the nations. It all takes place in the time of the Judges, when despair and decline afflicted Israel. Even as Israel rejected God as their king and did what was right in their own eyes, he prepared for them a line of kings that would culminate with God himself incarnate, Jesus Christ. 

Looking back on 2015 I see more reasons than ever to hope in God. I see marriages planned, and children born; marriages restored, and children grown. I see the church shine as a beacon of joy and peace. I see the wisdom of the ages rescue the humble from the folly of self. Never could I imagine such an encouraging time for believers in Jesus. Of course that’s not the whole picture. Browse our site and you’ll see plenty of evidence from the world of despair and decline. Our writers and editors wade through countless articles and posts each year that tempt us to…

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