Editor’s Choice: The Best of 2016

Collin Hansen | December 19, 2016

You know how you feel when sifting through old memorabilia or clothing? These photos and ticket stubs and trophies and T-shirts stir up cherished memories of past conquests and hopeful dreams. You give thanks to God for answered prayers, wonder why you ever thought some things were so important, and remember those moments that shaped everything else to follow. 

That’s a little like sifting through more than 1,100 resources planned, produced, and published by our editorial staff in 2016. Articles I had nearly forgotten hit me in fresh ways in light of new ministry scenarios. Videos we recorded months ago drew out surprising emotions as if I were watching old home movies featuring friends and family. Interviews made me wonder why I pursued certain questions with such assurance of events that did not play out as expected. 

This list reflects my choices as editorial director for our best resources from 2016. It’s not exhaustive, but it reflects our exhausting efforts in this drama-filled year to serve church leaders in shaping their life, doctrine, and teaching. As explained in The Gospel Coalition’s foundation documents, we pray that God would work in and through us “to renew the contemporary church in the ancient gospel of Christ so that we truly speak and…

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