Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities: Scripture, History, and Seasoned Practices

| October 6, 2015

Since 9/11 there’s been a steady stream of books advising Christians how to faithfully evangelize Muslims. Yet there’s been little output from Christian publishers on how to faithfully disciple former Muslims once they embrace the gospel of Christ.

Don Little, who serves as Islamic missiologist for Pioneers and teaches the Christian study of Islam and missiology at Houghton College, attempts to address that question in Effective Discipling in Muslim Communities: Scripture, History and Seasoned Practices.

Impressive Edifices, Shaky Foundations 

As the subtitle promises, Little walks through portions of Scripture and church history to derive lessons for discipleship. He then surveys common issues in the lives of believers from Muslim backgrounds (“BMBs,” as he calls them) as well as responses to those challenges from experienced disciplers around the globe.

Little displays a mature understanding of the particular challenges BMBs face, and he raises many issues Western churches serious about support ministry in Muslim-majority regions should understand and prepare for. Still, as impressive and helpful as his diagnosis is, there are some basic confusions that mar its usefulness. Effective Discipling is an experience in watching someone tear down with his left hand what he’s built with his right. Even as Little addresses topics churches and missionaries need to consider, I’m not convinced his assumptions and methodology should be adopted.

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