Every Mother’s Greatest Resource

| March 19, 2015

The sun is setting as the final inning begins. My 10-year-old son stands up to pitch. His team is up by two runs in their end-of-season tournament. As I watch him walk to the mound, my motherly heart wants to rescue him from the weight of expectations. So much is riding on him. My stomach is in knots as I watch his first pitch.

“Strike!” the umpire yells.

I breathe a sigh of relief. Once again he takes the ball in his glove. Over and over he stands resolutely, sometimes throwing strikes, sometimes missing the mark. All I can do is watch and pray.

Watch and Pray 

As I sit on the sidelines, I realize anew that much of motherhood is about watching and praying. There is so little I can do to protect my children from the harmful realities of life. I cannot prevent skinned knees, unkind words, broken hearts, or painful losses. I can tend to the wounds and comfort the ache, but for the most part I am an observer on the sidelines, cheering them on as they play the game.

Thankfully, I am not left to watch alone, worried and anxious. In a moment…

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