‘Every Tribe’: A Dispatch from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

Gloria Furman | July 14, 2016

With a pen, a journal, and a camera, two men travel the world to bring us stories of deliverance from another world. Their aim is to share good news about the advance of the good news, far as the curse is found.

On the scene in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, Tim Keesee reports on the kingdom of Christ’s advance in this latest installment of the DVD series, Dispatches from the Front. Aptly titled Every Tribe, the scope of this survey of the frontlines is beautifully overwhelming. 

Horror and Hope

Keesee shares the horrifying statistics of this recently war-torn region—genocide by the millions, moral suicide on a national scale, widespread idolatry, demon worship. He examines the artifacts and scenes through which it eventually became obvious to the world that evil reigned there. The viewer is prompted to ask a question only the Word of God can answer: What can we do in the face of such evil? We’re also drawn to wonder about the church in this region—how is she doing? As Keesee tells her stories, we see with clarity that the only way these brothers and sisters can get out of bed in the morning is to place their…

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