Faithfulness Among the Frauds in Kenya

Elizabeth Roberts | September 21, 2015

Nairobi’s celebrity husband/wife pastor team lives in a sprawling gated estate not far from Kibera, the city’s largest slum and Africa’s largest urban slum. But their luxury vehicles don’t venture into the neighborhood where millions live desperate lives in streets lined with trash and human filth.

Allan and Kathy Kiuna preach a lucrative “gospel.” Their multi-million-dollar income places them among the wealthiest citizens of a nation in which nearly half the people live on less than $1.25 per day. According to a report last year, Allan Kiuna told his congregation their money would double if they’d transfer half of it to his account. Hundreds rushed forward to give.

Like the rest of Africa, the church in Kenya battles evangelism that peddles a counterfeit gospel, with name-it-and-claim-it messages attracting massive followings and bringing in much money. In many ways this challenge mirrors the exploitations of European “Christian” colonizers some 500 years ago. Today, though, it’s their own countrymen who masquerade as Christians.

Thankfully, the Lord is at work through other Kenyan pastors to help turn the tide. 

Battling Prosperity Theology

Celeste Chen came from the U.S. to Kenya with her husband, Michael, through Samaritan’s Purse to work at Christian Tenwek Hospital in Bomet. She brought along a Pastor’s Book

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