Fighting for Faith in a Fostering Family

T. J. Menn and Jenn Menn | July 11, 2016

Editors’ note: This adapted excerpt from T. J. and Jenn Menn’s Faith to Foster (Abeille Books) recounts the story of “Casey,” documenting his time with the Menn family from arrival to departure and the aftermath. The Menns have welcomed 22 foster children into their home from multiple states across America, ranging in age from birth to high school. Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.

Casey came into state custody when his little body tested positive for drugs at birth. Otherwise, he would have gone to live with his parents under a bridge in a tent. Ironically, once social workers took him into care, Casey was homeless, too. He stayed in the hospital because case managers couldn’t find a home for a beautiful 3-day-old boy.

With the laundry still piled high from a road-trip with our three other children younger than 4, we took a call asking us to welcome Casey into our home.

After some discussion and prayer, T. J. and I told the case manager to call back if she couldn’t find a place for Casey. T. J. was literally working 80 hours a week and would be deployed to war within a week. Sure enough, she called the next day. God lovingly offered…

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