Finding Your Identity in Christ Looks Like Death

Trillia Newbell, Rosaria Butterfield, and Blair Linne | June 6, 2017

In this new seven-minute video, Trillia Newbell, Blair Linne, and Rosaria Butterfield discuss what means to find your identity in Christ and not anywhere and in anyone else.

Newbell (director of community outreach for the ERLC and author of Enjoy) shares various things we can find our identity in—our job, our social status, our ethnicity, our gifts, and on. Butterfield (author of Openness Unhindered) tells us that this pursuit of finding our identity in Christ looks like death. As in the classic moves of the Reformation, Butterfield says, we’re called to destroy idols and proclaim the Word of God—and this begins with us. Linne (wife, mother, actress, and spoken word artist) reminds that good things can often become ultimate things. Our identity must be rooted in who Christ says we are.

No matter your setting, this video (or audio here) will encourage you to speak the truth in love when someone needs to hear it.   

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