Fostering Filled with Difficult but God-Glorifying Days

| December 18, 2014

Being the oldest child in a foster family is not always easy. Actually, it can sometimes be extremely difficult. But then you remember that God did not call you to an easy life, but to a life that would bring glory to him. You remember that what your family does is not just your parents’ responsibility, but yours as well. It is something that an entire family must feel called by the Lord to do, because without his strength, some days seem impossible. 

There are days when you want it to be just “your” family again—even though you know that those “extras” are truly your brothers and sisters, and they have as much of your heart as if they were your biological siblings.

Sometimes you just want a break from the craziness that comes from being the oldest of a family of six children.

Sometimes you get tired of hearing your little sister scream “I hate you!” and then kick, hit, and bite you because you had to do something she didn’t like.

Sometimes it is so loud that you can hardly think, much less sit down and study or write a paper with any degree of concentration.


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