Friends of TGC: Join a Global Gospel Vision

D. A. Carson and Tim Keller | November 18, 2014

We helped to found The Gospel Coalition (TGC) in 2005 with three goals in mind: first, to articulate the gospel in a theologically rich way to demonstrate its relevance to all biblical revelation and to all peoples; second, to deepen thinking and living to “act in line with the truth of the gospel” (Gal. 2:14); and third, to spread this vision of ministry to churches around the globe.

We are so encouraged by you: current and next-generation leaders who are shaping a gospel-centered counter-culture for the common good—in the midst of an increasingly post-Christian society. We have all been formed by TGC’s vision for ministry, as God renews the church in North America and beyond.

We want to invite you to partner with us as TGC seeks to steward the opportunity to grow gospel-centered ministry around the globe. Let us explain why.

While TGC was founded as a renewal movement in a North American context, today international leaders are inviting our collaboration in their renewal as well. In today’s interconnected global church, TGC has quickly become a trusted authority for Reformed theology, ministry best practices, and congregational renewal.

We are helping shepherd and sustain this global renewal in four strategic ways:

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