God’s Kids Are Never ‘All Grown Up’

Jonathan C. Edwards | January 13, 2017

Despite what Toys “R” Us customers claim, we spend our first 18 years anticipating the day we pack our bags and leave the town of childhood dependence in our rearview mirror. Freedom. Maturity. Adulthood. We believe these will give us value we didn’t have and resilience we couldn’t muster.

As children, our parents gave us what we needed to survive, kept a roof over our heads, and prepared us to become self-sufficient adults. And we waited in angst for our chance to grow up.

This is the cultural norm for the modern family cycle. But within the family of God, the path to maturity looks different. The gravel for the road to independence won’t ever be laid. The child of God understands there will never come a time they graduate and grow beyond needing the provision, love, and support of their heavenly Father.

Impoverish Yourself

In the Beatitudes of Matthew 5:1–12, Jesus describes several character traits of God’s kingdom citizens. He comes on strong. He says the poor in spirit—not the strong—will inherit the kingdom of God.

Is Jesus saying the materially poor are the only ones getting in? Not at all. Only those aware of their spiritual poverty enjoy citizenship in his royal, eternal dynasty.

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