God’s Work, God’s Way

Mike Pettengill | May 21, 2015

Editors’ note: Missionary Hudson Taylor was born on May 21, 1832, in Barnsley, Yorkshire, England. Today marks the 183rd anniversary of his birth. 

Hudson Taylor is best known as a 19th-century pioneering missionary to inland China. He became a Christian at 17 after reading an evangelism tract. On September 19, 1853, Taylor left England for China. After an arduous ocean voyage of nearly six months, Taylor arrived in China for the first time on March 1, 1854, at the age of 22.

The missions society founded by Taylor was ultimately responsible for bringing more than 800 missionaries to China. They began 125 schools, directly resulted in some 18,000 Christian conversions, as well as more than 300 stations of work with more than 500 national helpers in all 18 provinces of China. If Hudson Taylor were evaluated by his life, mission work, and legacy, he would easily be declared a success. Yet Taylor’s unflappable and absolute reliance on God marks him as one of the great figures in Christian history.

Prayer Proponent

Taylor was an assertive proponent of prayer, not only by his missionaries, but also on behalf of his missionaries. He believed senders of missionaries should turn to God regularly and pray for the missionaries they support…

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