Good Pastor, Bad Parent?

Collin Hansen | October 14, 2012

You no longer hear this once-popular saying from ministers: "You take care of God's business, and he'll take care of your family." Stories abound of children lashing out at the church and Christianity because they resent their pastor parents for neglecting them. Thankfully, we're seeing many pastors today take seriously the ministry qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:4-5 by caring for their families as committed husbands and fathers.

In this new video, pastors Joshua Harris, Kent Hughes, and Voddie Baucham describe the challenges of leading a congregation while leading a family. As Hughes explains, ministry is a character profession. If you're not the real deal at home, your public ministry suffers. A good wife can go a long way to keep you anchored; if she's not too impressed with you, she'll hold you accountable.

Baucham addresses the textual issues, particularly surrounding Titus 1:6, that bear on the pastor's responsibility for his children as it relates to his qualification for ministry. "If a guy has perfect kids," Baucham says, "he can't be an example" to the church. Harris and Baucham "amen" Hughes as he warns pastors not to raise their children for the congregation's approval.

At the end of the video, Harris notes…

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