Goodbye Good Girl

Erin Davis | July 30, 2015

I've always been a “good girl.” Straight A student. Rarely in trouble. Picked the right college, the right fella, the right outfit. You get the idea. 

Turning my life over to Jesus ripped my story into two halves: life before him and life after him. Still, there isn’t a lot of drama in the “before” part. No skeletons in the closet. No criminal record. No massive public failures.

Skewed Picture 

I know this is why the gospel has always gone down smooth for me. Yes, God forgave me of my sins. Yes, that is good news. But honestly, there wasn’t that much to forgive. I’m a good girl, remember? But I’ve been walking with the Lord for almost two decades now. And the strangest thing has happened. The longer I know him, and the more familiar I become with his Word, the uglier my heart looks. It’s like one of those optical illusion pictures that just looks like a bunch of squiggles at first. But the longer you stare, the more the edges of a hidden image start to emerge.

Unfortunately, the image of my heart is not a pretty picture.

Sure, my behavior screams “good girl.” But my deceitful heart whispers “jealousy, pride, envy…

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