Gospel Entrepreneurship

Katherine Leary Alsdorf | March 13, 2013

There are many reasons to become an entrepreneur . You may be trying to implement a good idea inside your organization, but the status quo keeps shutting it down. You may see a need that isn't being met and decide to do something about it. You have access to a lot of capital and want to steward it well. Or you can't get a job! Right now colleges and business schools are scrambling to add classes in entrepreneurship to prepare their graduates for a tight job market.

At Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City we invest in entrepreneurs because we want to empower individuals in our congregation to create new companies, institutions, and ministries that bring the justice and love of the gospel to the city. Our investment is more than start-up capital; people in the congregation have rallied around our entrepreneurs to test new products; give legal, marketing and strategic advice; and provide spiritual mentorship. At the risk of being kitsch-y, we call this "gospel entrepreneurship."

Gospel + Entrepreneurship + City Serving and Culture Renewing = Gospel Entrepreneurship

How, with God's power, does the gospel change things? Can we imagine a movement of the gospel in New York…

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