Gospel Reflexes and Forgetful Dads

Matt Boswell | June 18, 2016

Dad, God loves me even when I sin.

I remember hearing my son say this when he was only 3 years old. Actually, he became really good at saying it. Perhaps he was speaking from a place of early childhood biblical understanding, but his tone suggested he was deflecting any hint of responsibility for his actions. My wife and I quietly laughed at the truthfulness of the statement, but we also realized our need to teach and model the pursuit of holiness in a grace-drenched environment.

From our kids’ earliest days we’ve talked to them about God’s holiness, humanity’s sin and rebellion, Christ’s redeeming work, and how we should live in response to this good news. We’ve worked to make the gospel and its mark on our lives clear. We want our children to have gospel reflexes when they sin, but this also means pursuing holiness in response to God’s love. Our prayer is that they walk in truth, love Jesus and his church, flee sin, and live with God’s glory as their aim.

We must teach our children that while, yes, God loves them even when they sin, he also loves them enough to not let them stay there.

Forgetful Dad

Over the years the same…

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