Grace for the Micromanaging Parent

Cameron Cole | January 18, 2016

Every parent knows the acute anxiety of entrusting his or her child to another person. There was the first time you left your infant with a babysitter. You left seven emergency numbers and a list of the GPS coordinates of each place you’d be in your one-hour trip to the local Publix. 

Then came the milestone when your child stayed overnight with the grandparents. Even though your parents had capably raised you, you were certain they knew nothing about childcare. You drafted a publication comparable to the operating manual of a Boeing 747, since every detail had to be perfect to ensure your child’s survival. 

Then came the trepidation of dropping your toddler off at the church or gym nursery for the first time. You hardly enjoyed the worship service or 30 minutes on the treadmill due to concern for your child’s welfare. 

The stakes mounted even more when you sent your child to daycare or school for the first time. The teachers needed to know everything about your child. (For whatever reason, I felt the need to inform the teachers about my three-year-old’s bathroom activity for the previous 24 hours each time I dropped her off.) Terror struck you when…

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