Greater Threat to the Church: From the Outside or Inside?

Collin Hansen | June 14, 2016

You’ve been tasked with starting a new gospel mission among an increasingly skeptical people. It’s a daunting responsibility, the work of generations. To make matters worse, these people are somewhat familiar with your purpose, and they don’t like it. You might wish they were completely ignorant so you could start from scratch. Thankfully, at least, you’re not alone. Other believers in Jesus have been commissioned to join you in this task. Tossed into these rough waters, you will sink or swim together.

Some version of this scenario plays out regularly on mission fields in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. But is the situation much different in Western Europe or the United States? Not if we have eyes to see. Christians in the West must adjust our attitudes and strategies. We will not do so, however, until we realize our calling as missionaries to our own culture. Only then will we see how New Testament books such as 1 Peter prepare us to joyfully endure hostility from the world, humbly seek unity inside the church, and eagerly share Christ with our neighbors.

Rejected Savior

Consider this question: Does the greater threat to the church in the West come from the inside or the outside? How you…

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