Heaven, How I Got Here

| March 9, 2015

Colin S. Smith. Heaven, How I Got Here: The Story of the Thief on the Cross. Scotland, UK: Christian Focus, 2015. 96 pp. $8.99.

I’ve learned something interesting about unbelievers after several years of engaging them with the gospel: while many feel uncomfortable discussing sin, the exclusivity of Christ, or eternal punishment, most don’t mind discussing the afterlife.

This fascination with the afterlife can be a great inroad to gospel conversation. Heaven is often seen as non-threatening and profoundly interesting—one of the reasons so many I-went-to-heaven-and-back books have flown off the shelves in recent years.

What if there were a book you could share with your non-Christian friends that would scratch their “heaven itch” while compellingly sharing the gospel?

Fresh Approach

In his new book, Heaven, How I Got Here: The Story of the Thief on the Cross, Colin Smith takes a fresh approach to a sometimes troubling topic. Instead of describing heavenly details like the people you’ll meet, the things you’ll do, or the appearance of the Holy Spirit, Smith writes from the heavenly vantage point of the person closest to Jesus as he died on the cross: the thief at his side who would come to believe.

One challenge in writing about…

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