Help Me Teach the Bible: Miguel Núñez on Teaching the 5 Solas from Scripture

Nancy Guthrie | June 29, 2017

This is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, so it is a year that Bible teachers might want to consider teaching through the five solas of the Reformation—sola fide, by faith alone; sola scriptura, by Scripture alone; solus Christus, through Christ alone; sola gratia, by grace alone; and soli Deo gloria, glory to God alone.
In the episode I talked with Dr. Miguel Núñez, TGC Council member and senior pastor of the International Baptist Church in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, about how to teach the five solas in a text-driven rather than solely doctrinal way. We also discussed how the Reformation—which essentially skipped Latin America in the 1500s—is spreading through the Latin American world today. (See his excellent article “The One Thing Needed for Latin America’s Reformation.”) 
Núñez is the author is Enseñanzas que transformaron el mundo: Un llamado a despertar para la iglesia en Latino América (Teachings That Transformed the World: A Wake-Up Call for the Church in Latin America).
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