Hidden But Now Revealed

| December 5, 2014

G.K. Beale and Benjamin Gladd. Hidden But Now Revealed: A Biblical Theology of MysteryDowners Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2014. 392 pp. $27.00.

Preaching the Scriptures in a Christ-centered manner is a difficult task and debated topic. This is only complicated by the avalanche of works published on how the New Testament (NT) writers make use of the Old Testament (OT). G. K. Beale and Benjamin Gladd’s new book, Hidden But Now Revealed: A Biblical Theology of Mystery, therefore, could not be more relevant to Christians desiring to explore how the OT portends the deity, death, and resurrection of Jesus as well as their respective role in the establishment of God’s end-time kingdom.

Beale and Gladd’s general objective is to “unpack the relationship between the Old and New Testament” in regard to the concept of mystery (19). They broadly define “mystery” as “the revelation of God’s partially hidden wisdom, particularly as it concerns events occurring in the ‘latter days’” (20). Further, the authors have two specific goals: (1) to explain the conception of mystery in the OT and NT in order to comprehend its significance, and (2) to locate theological topics juxtaposed with the term “mystery” in its diverse uses throughout…

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