Home Is Where the Longing Is

Collin Hansen | June 12, 2017

Jen Pollock Michel and her family opened their home to the kind of man the rest of the world shuns. While growing up he had been abused emotionally and sexually. The trauma led to addiction; the addiction led to crime. He couldn’t keep out of prison. He needed help. He needed Jesus.

“We understood the power of Christian hospitality to tangibly express the love of Jesus,” Michel writes in her new book, Keeping Place: Reflections on the Meaning of Home, “and we believed that by God’s renewing, inhabiting Spirit, this man could be granted the power to change. He needed a home, and we had one to share.”

It’s a beautiful story. Right up until the part where the man attempted to prey on one of Michel’s five children. The tragedy unfolded on Christmas Eve; thankfully, he was prevented from acting on his intent. Against all evidence, the man claimed innocence. Michel’s family no longer welcomes him into their home.

Don’t expect the warm glow of Thomas Kinkade to blur the hard truth of home in Michel’s account. Instead, Michel—previously the author of Teach Us to Want [review]—offers an unexpected apologetic for the Christian faith through our…

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