Hope for Mourning Parents

Cory Wessman | July 23, 2015

“He’s gone.” Parents could never forget those words after they have been spoken about their son. Even now, nearly six years removed from the awful day we heard them, I still picture the doctor’s grim face as he shared the news. I can smell the sanitized odor of that ICU hospital room, hear the soft sobs of the gathered family members, and feel my chest heaving under the pressure of shock and disbelief giving way to the reality of my son’s unexpected death. A few minutes earlier the doctor had removed breathing tubes keeping Micah’s body artificially alive, and within a few short minutes, his nine-month-old chest stopped, and he was gone. 

For most of my life, I have believed what the Bible says about God, that he is both sovereign and loving. Admittedly, until tragedy struck, intellectual objections to the goodness and sovereignty of God seemed esoteric. Significant suffering was something that happened to other people. My life seemed to be going along quite well, and, as a result, it was easy for me to espouse the traditional Christian views about God and his purposes in suffering. From the day we heard those terrible words, though, an easy espousal of doctrine would not suffice. A wrestling match with…

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