Hope for Uganda’s West Nile Region

Patti Richter | April 2, 2015

Uganda is a nation heavily influenced by Christianity. There is widespread religious freedom, and many of the country’s citizens attend church. The exception lies in its more remote northwestern area, where believers are greatly outnumbered by Muslims. But the fervency of Christians in this region also sets them apart from the nominal Christianity of much of Uganda.  

Andama Bosco is a pastor in Uganda’s least prosperous area, the West Nile region, located close to South Sudan. His district consists mainly of Sudanic people of several languages. People here survived two decades of terror and displacement due to Joseph Kony and the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). But now things are improving. The northwestern region breathed relief when Kony fled Uganda some nine years ago. The area has also benefited from the country’s improved political climate. And the church has been encouraged through the ministry of some new neighbors.

Reaching Africa’s Unreached

Since 2007, a missionary couple from south Texas, Jacob and Carol Lee, have poured their lives into the West Nile region through Reaching Africa’s Unreached (RAU). They admire the resilience of area Christians, who still face tribal conflict and religious persecution. The Lees moved permanently to northwestern Uganda in 2013, after training at RAU’s Bible training facility, located …

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