How Celibacy Can Fulfill Your Sexuality

Sam Allberry | August 26, 2016

A friend of mine has an interesting spoon. (Bear with me.) Its slightly larger than a teaspoon and has a large hole in the middle, making it incapable of holding—let alone carrying—the sort of substance that typically requires a spoon. My friend keeps it in his sugar bowl, waiting for unsuspecting guests to attempt productive engagement with it. Some will quietly (but unsuccessfully) persevere with it, not wanting to make a fuss and assuming the fault must somehow lie with them. Others will immediately declare the spoon is ridiculous and insist on something better suited to the task at hand.

The spoon, it turns out, is actually an olive spoon. The hole in the middle is to drain the fluid as you lift the olive to your mouth. And so the lesson for us is this: You can’t make sense of the way the spoon is without understanding what it’s for.

The same is true of our sexuality.


Why We’re Sexual Beings 

We know we are sexual beings. We know this sexuality is meant to mean something. But unless we know what our sexuality is for, we won’t understand how it’s meant to work. The best we’ll be able to do…

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