How Do Busy Women Serve in Women’s Ministry?

Jen Wilkin | November 3, 2015

As a young mom, I wrote a letter to my church asking them to consider formalizing the role of women’s minister. The executive pastor called me in for a meeting and promptly offered me the job. I was speechless. At the time, my four children ranged in age from 5 to 1. Was this man out of his mind? He explained it was clear I cared deeply about the women of our church, and he trusted me to figure out my calendar on my own. He knew a secret often overlooked in our frenetic culture: We make time for what we care about most.

So, with my husband’s enthusiastic support, I spent naptimes and evenings building a women’s ministry. During those years, I didn’t commit to the PTA or book club, I rarely gave time to exercise, and I didn’t watch much TV. Though those activities all held value, I set them aside to make room for ministry because I could feel it bringing something to life inside me. Even more, I could see the power of the gospel at work among God’s people, changing lives by his Spirit and his Word.

My situation isn’t that unique. The women in our churches juggle many…

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