How Expository Preaching Meets Your Needs

Dan Doriani | December 23, 2015

Editors’ note: This article is part of a multi-part series on expository preaching that will run through December. The series is part of our new Expository Preaching Project. TGC Council pastors are preparing free instructional resources on expository preaching in both video and print formats in six strategic languages. We are prayerfully seeking to raise $100,000 this month to fund the project. Generous partners have offered a 50 percent match ($50,000) of all dollars given up to $100,000 by December 31. To make a donation, please click here and select “Expository Preaching” from the designation list.


The Gospel Coalition champions expository, Christ-centered preaching. TGC also believes leaders should address the issues of the day. Their commitment to this is visible in its articles on pressing topics such as sex and race, as well as the arts, culture, and work.

Historically, however, some have seen a tension between Christ-centered preaching and an interest in pressing needs. The fear is that a concern for current issues will compromise authentic exposition. To overstate it, what one calls a dedication to the questions of the day another calls pandering to felt needs. Can a…

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