How God Changes Hearts Through Open Adoption

| December 10, 2014

I wanted to hold her in contempt, secretly inside my heart. Suddenly, I was responsible for her beautiful child's full-time care, and as I looked at him, all I could think was, Who could wrong a precious child in such a way? And as I was caring for him and trying to comfort him in his sleepless nights, amid an abundance of night terrors, I wanted someone to blame. The blame fell on her.

This child wasn't able to speak more than a handful of words, hadn't been exposed to enough sunlight, and couldn't walk well from always being pinned in. All he knew was darkness, small spaces, and neglect. Now I had the task of caring for him and helping him heal. It was probably the hardest job I had ever undertaken.

I was a Christian, so I knew I could not withold forgiveness from his mother. But I held my deep grudge anyway. No one could see this hidden contempt. Yet God sees all things. And God had a plan to start working the anger and bitterness out of my heart. He had a greater plan for healing. When the Holy Spirit indwells us, he never leaves us…

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