How Ministry Rescued My Marriage

Megan Hill | August 12, 2016

A few mornings ago, my husband and I prayed together with our kids. Before we walked out the door, we looked into each other’s eyes, and we kissed. Later, at lunchtime, we had a significant discussion about personal priorities for our finances. We also discussed our church. No one shouted or cried or clammed up. Later that evening, we ate dinner as a family. We laughed a lot. I did the dishes. He paid bills in the family room. After the kids were in bed, the two of us ended the day reading side by side on the couch.

Ours is the story of a happy marriage. 

We owe this happiness to the grace and mercy of our Lord. And one of his loving means has been our place in the local church. 

When yet another pastor falls publicly into grievous, soul-bruising, family-destroying sin, onlookers can quickly line up to blame life in the church. I’ve read many articles in recent months that claim ministry life makes pastors and their wives inherently lonely, hypocritical, distracted, vulnerable to sin, or prone to cracking from stress. The cumulative message is clear: When failure happens, it’s the church’s fault. 

I know ministry life can bring unique, and sometimes intense, challenges to family…

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