How my Mind has Changed – The Centrality of the Congregation

Mark Dever | February 26, 2010

Series: 9Marks Top 100

Ever since becoming a Christian in high school, the role of the local congregation has been important to me. I remember spending some (ok, many) hours the first summer I was a Christian in my church’s library, compiling statistics about the growing membership of our church and tabulating that in comparison with our shrinking attendance. The accompanying pre-computer-era graphic I made from my research was simply a poster board with carefully drawn lines for membership and attendance, diverging markedly somewhere in the 1940’s or 1950’s. Though I did spend hours and hours on that poster—and the figures behind it—it had only the most limited of engagements on a prominent wall in our church. I put it up without authorization (I hadn’t considered that). Duly and quickly authorized, however, was its taking down.

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