How Salvation Brings Freedom

| March 10, 2015

I grew up in the Bible Belt where, by mid-elementary, most of my peers could point proudly to a note written in the front of their Bibles announcing the exact date they Got Saved. At junior high youth rallies the Rededications began, along with a smattering of I-Thought-I-Was-Saved-But-I-Really-Wasn’ts (scribble over that first date and write in the new one). Through all seven verses of “Just As I Am,” and all four years of high school, we children of the Bible Belt battled our doubts and bustled our backslidden selves down aisles to altar rails.

Maybe, we thought, this time just maybe the Saving will stick.

Where’s the Freedom?

Our problem was this: our sinning had not ceased with our professions of faith. The salvation that had promised us new life in Christ had by all appearances failed to deliver. We still made all the same mistakes, and along the thorny path of adolescence we added fresh failures to the list. Damning evidence, or so we thought, that when we Prayed The Prayer we had somehow not done it right. Where was the freedom from sin we had been promised?

Looking back I wonder if, for many of us, our…

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