How Sharing the Gospel in Our Secular Age Is Different

Russell Moore, Tim Keller, and Collin Hansen | September 19, 2017

We all know, if not sense, that our culture has rapidly changed in the last few decades. How is sharing the gospel in our culture different today? What challenges do we face? What opportunities do we have?

In this new eight-minute video (stream audio below), Tim Keller (founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan and TGC vice president), Russell Moore (president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and TGC Council member), and Collin Hansen (TGC editorial director) discuss these questions and more.

Editors’ note: Probably no book published in the last decade has been so ambitious as Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age. In it, Taylor seeks nothing less than to account for the spread of secularism and decline of faith in the last 500 years. And he explains why so many Christians struggle to believe, let alone share the gospel in a rapidly changing culture.

Now a remarkable roster of writers considers Taylor’s insights for the church’s life and mission in The Gospel Coalition’s Our Secular Age: Ten Years of Reading and Applying Charles Taylor. Nothing is easy about faith today. But through Christ, we know that endurance produces character, and character produces hope, even in our secular age.

Contributors include:

  • Collin Hansen, “Hope in Our Secular Age”
  • Carl Trueman

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