How Should a Parent Respond to Public Humiliation?

Chap Bettis | September 26, 2017

It happens to every parent, but it comes when you least expect it. You might call it total public humiliation. 

That may sound like a humorous term, but it’s no laughing matter. It’s embarrassing and shocking.

Initially, you might imagine the toddler meltdown at the grocery store. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I have in mind the older child—a teenager or young adult—who is seemingly well-behaved. They don’t have an attitude of rebellion on the surface.

Then some secret sin is exposed. Maybe it has to do with the internet or social media. Perhaps it’s an offense so grievous that school officials are involved. Perhaps you have to sit down with other parents. 

The transgression is horrifying to you. They sinned for all the world to see.

What Will You Do?  

Like most families, ours has had those moments. Yours will, too. God pulls back the heart’s cesspool cover, and the filth is obvious for all to see. 

What will we do? The best time to prepare for that moment is now, before it happens. There are multiple possible reactions. 

  • We can minimize it. One reaction is to downplay the sin—to try and sweep it under the rug. If an authority figure is…

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