How Should We Talk About Justice and the Gospel?

Greg Forster | September 8, 2016

Recently, stern and sometimes angry commenters here at TGC called me a left-wing stooge of socialism for an article I wrote about economic justice and the gospel. Which is funny, since the last time I wrote an article for TGC on economic justice and the gospel, stern and sometimes angry commenters called me a right-wing stooge of capitalism! (Alas, that earlier thread is now lost in the mists of internet history.)

As C. S. Lewis once said, if the Lilliputians think me a giant and the Brobdingnagians think me a dwarf, perhaps my stature is not actually very remarkable.

This amusing episode points to a much more serious problem. We don’t seem able to talk about the gospel and justice without getting into fights with each other. As a result, the church isn’t presenting a unified witness to the world about God’s demand for justice or his offer of grace to the unjust.

What Is Justice, Exactly?

The first issue on which we need clarity is one of the oldest in history: What is justice? The controversy about my latest TGC article revolved around this question, as have many debates in the history of both the church and the culture.

I used…

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