How to Be Content in a Covetous World

Megan Hill | April 15, 2016

Are you guilty of coveting? In her book The Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World, Melissa Kruger—wife, mom, and TGC blogger—defines covetousness as an “inordinate or culpable desire to possess, often that which belongs to another” (24). And covetousness spreads destruction—not only in our own hearts but also in our relationships with others and, particularly, in our understanding of God.

That comparison game—who got a promotion, a dozen roses, a new baby—is played out all over the Christian community each day. Whether it’s our churches or our clothing, we’re prone to look over our shoulders at other women and demand from the Lord, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

As Kruger writes:

We usually covet in the areas where we compare ourselves to others the most. We compare colleges, boyfriends, weddings, children, parents, homes, jobs, trials, gifts, ministries, grandchildren, health, and numerous other items. Usually, at the heart of this comparison trap is the mistaken belief that another person is getting it all while we are getting second best. (84)

In the midst of a covetous society, The Envy of Eve is exactly the kind of remedy we need.

Not Believing Beneath Not Having

Its first four chapters are foundational…

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