How to Disciple with a Book

Mike Pettengill | May 27, 2015

It’s hard to overestimate what God can do in the life of a follower of Christ through a strategically chosen book. A Latin American pastor and I recently read a chapter of the Spanish version of John Piper’s This Momentary Marriage. We read during the week and talked about the content each Friday. After several weeks, the pastor asked if he could have an extra copy to disciple a couple in his church with marital problems. The following week the pastor asked for a second copy because the husband and wife refused to study together. After several weeks of studying separately, the husband showed up at the door of his old home with tears in his eyes and the Piper book in his hand. “I have been doing marriage wrong,” the man said to his wife. “Can we please read the book together?”

As Jesus proclaimed the Great Commission (Matthew 8:18-20), he provided simple, significant instructions for all Christians. He closed out his earthly ministry with a charge that calls all believers to global evangelism. Making disciples in obedience to Jesus can be done in many ways. As a frequent trainer of disciples I have seen few other tools equal the powerful effect of a gospel-centered, Bible-based book in…

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