How to Get Unbelievers to Come to Church

Dean Inserra | September 6, 2017

I feel bad for pastors who believe that if their church simply changed its worship style, unbelievers would start showing up on Sunday mornings.

For many, this has been and continues to be a strategy to get non-Christians to church. While I’m all for unbelievers coming to church to hear the gospel—just the thought of it excites me—I’ve never understood the logic behind most efforts to attract them.

When this vision is cast, I fear churches are setting themselves up for disappointment. Personally, I don’t know many unbelievers who are likely to attend a church service. There are a few exceptions, of course—after a tragedy like 9/11 and Mother’s Day, for example.

When they visit, unbelievers aren’t usually motivated by the reasons churches think they are.

Facing the Truth

Why would an unbeliever come to church because there is free coffee? He can drive through the Starbucks line, pay $3, and be home within 15 minutes. 

What about great branding and social media? I’ve got some difficult news for you: Unbelievers in your community probably aren’t following your church on social media.

The pastor is really funny? So is YouTube.

Perhaps unintentionally, these efforts and creative ideas are designed to…

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