How to Promote Intergenerational Discipleship Among Women

Leeann Stiles | January 7, 2016

Why should older and younger women in the church form friendships and discipling relationships? Our lives are busy, after all, and it’s more relaxing to spend time with those our own age. Moreover, we may wonder what wisdom or encouragement we have to offer each other. Perhaps we desire such relationships but find it hard to develop them.

Many women are asking questions about mentoring and discipleship among women in the church.

Catching the Vision 

Let me tell you about a time I visited my friend Kristie. She invited me to a women’s tea she and several others had organized for their congregation. After serving refreshments, the hostess asked several attendees to tell stories of God’s faithfulness. The stories were personal and compelling. The older women discovered how deeply their stories encouraged the younger women. Connections were made that day, and friendships have continued to develop.

And then there’s Sneha, who wanted to learn about discipling younger women but didn’t know where to start. So she invited me to join her in meeting with a new believer. Every Saturday for several months the three of us studied Scripture, prayed, and talked about God’s calling on our lives. Sneha caught the vision of discipling women with God’s Word—and now…

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