How to Resist the Allure of Gossip

Trillia Newbell, Rosaria Butterfield, and Blair Linne | October 17, 2017

“Stop and pray if you are tempted to share news or information that doesn’t need to be shared.”

In this new eight-minute video, Trillia Newbell (director of community outreach for the ERLC and author of Enjoy), Blair Linne (wife, mother, actress, and spoken word artist), and Rosaria Butterfield (author of Openness Unhindered) discuss how to avoid the alluring sin of gossip in the church and in the world.

Watch the video above or listen to the audio below.

Editors’ note: Join us for TGC’s 2018 Women’s Conference, a conference that’s for women but not all about women. Together we’ll exalt the Lord Jesus and grow together in his Word. Trillia Newbell, Blair Linne, and Rosaria Butterfield will each be a speaker at the event.

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