How to Teach God’s Law in an Authority-Averse Culture

Collin Hansen | May 17, 2016

How do you teach the law of God in a culture that recognizes no authority outside the self? That’s the challenge for Christians in the West today, whether we’re talking about Jesus with friends in a college cafeteria or preaching in a megachurch. 
Theologian Michael Horton observes that when many people hear a speaker criticize them, they simply walk out. What does that mean, then, for trying to teach the law in order to convict people of their sin? How will they realize their need for a Savior? Repentance, responds Tim Keller, TGC vice president and author of Center Church, feels to many today like death. 
But what happens when the weight of finding your own meaning and fulfillment becomes unbearable? When you don’t succeed and assume all the blame? When nothing is ever enough to satisfy you? That’s the subject of this video with Horton, Keller, and missiologist Alan Hirsch. For more, pick up Keller’s book Shaped by the Gospel (Zondervan, 2016), featuring contributions from Horton and Dane Ortlund.

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