How Your Church Can Love Transgender People

Andrew T. Walker | August 24, 2017

A church should be the safest place to talk about, be open about, and struggle with gender dysphoria. Yet too often, our churches have been anything but safe—and that’s something that Christians, including me, need to apologize for.

The Bible challenges churches to reflect Jesus by embracing gender-dysphoric members, and by reaching out to gender-dysphoric and transgender neighbors with loving truth and truth-based hope.

What would that kind of church community be like?

1. Compassionate Community

If a popular local politician and a self-identified transgender individual walked into your church, whom would be greeted first? Whom would be warmly invited back the following Sunday?

If the politician would receive the warmest welcome, the Bible says your church would be showing partiality—which is a sin (James 2:1). 

The church’s response to those who identify as transgender—and to those who struggle with gender dysphoria but aren’t actively identifying as transgender—must be, immediately and with integrity, “You are welcome here. You are loved here.”

Too often our churches give the impression that the Son of Man came to seek and save good people, not the lost.

Of course, this requires us to be open about our own struggles and failings and worries. Too often our churches give the impression that the…

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