I Was Embarrassed by the Bible

Brian Cosby | October 19, 2015

According to a 2014 report, I live in the most “Bible-minded” city in America—Chattanooga, Tennessee, a place where churches cover the land as the waters cover the sea. The local newspaper publishes daily Bible verses, and public schools have privately funded Bible classes. Local radio stations air a wide range of weekly sermons, and Christian music seems to rise above the city streets in a holy haze.

It’s the Christian’s Garden of Eden—or so it would seem.

Underneath the towering steeples and “Jesus Saves” billboards, this little slice of Eden is not unlike other buckles of the Bible Belt or areas across the American landscape. Even in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Seattle, evangelical Christians boast of their strong commitment to the Word of God.

But this can be misleading. How?

Blush, Squirm, Cringe 

Scripture includes many hard-to-swallow texts. Israelites stoned adulterers. At God’s command, his people killed both young and old, even animals. Slaves were told to obey their masters. Jesus said sinners go to hell. The Bible is brimming with passages that make many Christians blush, squirm, and cringe.

I’ve been there too.

Recently, while flipping through the Book of Psalms, I noticed something disturbing. I had underlined and highlighted those…

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