If John Piper Rapped

| December 11, 2014

Jackie Hill’s debut album doesn’t sound like a debut album. The 25-year-old St. Louis native, already known for unleashing raw, in-your-face truth through the medium of spoken word poetry, has now released a mature and stirring album from Humble Beast Records titled The Art of Joy. From the first song (“Argument”) to the last (“The Art of Joy”)—which together, she has pointed out, act as thematic “bread slices” bookending the 12-track project—The Art of Joy is a work of art. 

I recently corresponded with Hill [Twitter] about her transition to rap, the meaning of the album title, how John Piper influenced the project, and more. 

Your background as an artist is primarily in spoken word poetry. Why the transition to rap?

Rap just kind of happened. About three years ago, I was part of a cypher with some of my poet friends who could rap. They were all performing some dope 16-bar verses and I was left there with only a poem in my arsenal. Which made me feel some kind of way. So I went home and said to myself, If they can do it, then I can too. So from then I just started to…

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