Imagination Redeemed

| December 17, 2014

Gene Edward Veith Jr. and Matthew P. Ristuccia. Imagination Redeemed: Glorifying God with a Neglected Part of Your Mind. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2014. 176 pp. $16.99.

Scripture constantly prompts us to use our imaginations, and this is not accidental. As the wonderful new book Imagination Redeemed: Glorifying God with a Neglected Part of Your Mind shows, imagination is central to the whole project of Scripture—and therefore to living as Christians. But the role of imagination has been neglected and, in many cases, misunderstood. Gene Veith (professor of literature at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia) and Matthew Ristuccia (pastor of Stone Hill Church in Princeton, New Jersey) show with beautiful simplicity why imagination matters so much, and how God uses our imaginations to draw us ever closer to himself and to one another.

Today, if we hear Christian discussions of imagination at all, they are usually talking about specialized professionals like artists, writers, and entertainers. Imagination Redeemed is about something much more fundamental:                                                                     

We ordinary…

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