Inherited Faith Is Dying. Chosen Faith Is Not.

Tim Keller | January 19, 2017

You may say, “I know the gospel,” but since the gospel is endlessly rich and infinitely multifaceted, there’s always something new to learn about its power and effect (1 Pet. 1:12).

In the pages of A Disruptive Gospel: Stories and Strategies for Transforming Your City, Mac Pier shows how the gospel has the power to disrupt the status quo, which is indifferent to evil. The gospel disrupted the life of a complacent teenager in South Dakota. It disrupted a cold, hard resistance to historic truth in the boroughs of New York City and the center of Manhattan. It disrupted the high walls between denominations and the even higher walls between the races and classes to form an unprecedented unity and movement to reach the metro region of New York. And it has begun to make use of the new and close connections between the great global cities of the world to spread many of these same influences and effects to other urban centers. This is the story of all that, and—if you’re a Christian minister or lay leader—you could hardly find a more encouraging book to read today.

I can imagine skepticism regarding the claims about what God is doing and will do…

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